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Thanks for checking out our page!
Here at BabyPlay we are passionate about children’s play and learning. We believe children learn naturally through play, and the adults role is to provide the required resources, as well as supervision and scaffolding during play. 
Our shop is full of beautiful natural items; open ended toys, loose parts and heuristic play items. We have a combination of handmade wooden pieces, and sourced pieces. 
What do these terms mean?
Open-ended toys - these are items that have no set purpose, they do not tell the child what to do, it is up to the child to decide and use their imagination. So a simple wooden token can be ‘money’ one day and a ‘cucumber’ the next!
Loose-parts - very much the same as open-ended, these are materials that children move, manipulate and control themselves, where the possibilities are up to the child’s imagination and creativity. 
Heuristic play - a term used to describe the way children play with and explore the properties of everyday objects, things from the real world. Heuristic sets provide babies and children with their own selected that have been specifically chosen for play. 
Who are we?
BabyPlay is run by myself - Angelique - a mother of three beautiful girls. Aria (4), Harley (2) and Kova (1). These girls test run all of our products, and enjoy all the creative play ideas you see posted!
I am a stay at home mother, who started BabyPlay as a blog type Facebook page to document the activities and understand the learning that was occurring through play!
I have always loved children and learned a lot over the years, with some background in Early Childhood, I am passionate about children’s play and providing beautiful natural open ended toys for them to enjoy.
What is a “Play Box”?
Throughout our shop section we have items labelled as a ‘Play Box’. This is the term I use to describe a selection of goods; for example a collection of Blocks is a ‘Block Play Box’ - basically this means it comes with the box perfect for storing and displaying the products.
Have suggestions or want a custom piece?
I would love to work with you on any ideas or requests you have! Please contact me on babyplaynz@gmail.com
Thank you 


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