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The Best Bath Bombs

    Making bath bombs with children is such a fun activity! Plus they make a perfect sensory play tray item! Our lush recipe smells wonderfully inviting, gives off a vibrant colour and leaves skin feeling AMAZING!       Ingredients: - 1/2 Cup Cornflour - 1/2 Cup Baking Soda - 1/4 Cup Coarse Salt - 1/4 Cup Citric Acid - 3 Tablespoon Coconut Oil  - 3 Tablespoon Essence (We used peppermint) - 3 Tablespoon Food Colouring (We used Pink)  - Optional we added dried flower leaves    How to make: Start by mixing the dry ingredients into a bowl....

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How To Encourage Open Ended Play

One of the questions we get asked the most here at BabyPlay is: "How do I get my child to play with open ended toys?" or "He/She just doesnt seem to know what to do with these types of toys". These types of questions come from parents with slightly older children, who are just making the move from more "typical" toys over to this new, exciting concept of open ended play. A great, simple, approach is to leave the new toys out, within sight. Natural curiosty should intice your child and they will begin looking for ways to play -...

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Invitation to Play: The what and how.

What is an invitation to play? An invitation to play (otherwise known as a provocation or play prompts), is the purposeful set up of a environment so that it “invites” children to a particular area, or set up of play. It prompts children to explore, examine and participate. A great invitation to play will capture a child’s curiosity; it is more intentional placement of certain objects for children to play and learn.  Basically it is preparing items in a way you think children may like to play with them; also great for introducing new items or new ways to play. ...

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Hello & Welcome

Thanks for checking out our page! Here at BabyPlay we are passionate about children’s play and learning. We believe children learn naturally through play, and the adults role is to provide the required resources, as well as supervision and scaffolding during play.  Our shop is full of beautiful natural items; open ended toys, loose parts and heuristic play items. We have a combination of handmade wooden pieces, and sourced pieces.  What do these terms mean? Open-ended toys - these are items that have no set purpose, they do not tell the child what to do, it is up to the...

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