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Sticky Note Fun

Today a super duper activity for Miss Kova (1) - post it notes stuck on the wall at her height.
Instantly Kova was drawn to the bright pink squares of paper, she looked and touched, noticed they werent completly flat against the wall she moved her fingers to grab the paper and slowly riped it off the wall. Excited she giggled and repeated the process over and over again before suddenly stopping. Watching from behind her I noticed one of the notes had re-stuck on the wall on its fall to the ground; she looked and considered for a bit before reaching down and finding another post it to test her theory. It worked! She began to stick all the notes back on the wall and then rip them all off again! Finally she remembered she could rip paper, and sat down and went to work. We ended will a pile of shreaded paper, scruched into a pile on the floor before she promtly moved on to her next activity.
Miss Kova was totally in control of her learning here; exploring cause and effect, fine motor skills, reaction and problem solving skills as well as beginning understanding of textures, materials and their properties.


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