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Hidden Pieces Play

Today Miss Aria (4) took control of our activity. I talked her through each step but she prepared it all herself. We used a collection of our Small Blocks and some Peg People; she wrapped each piece in tin foil and then placed them standing in an egg tray inside our Kmart Play Tray.
We then presented the activity to Miss Kova (1) and Miss Harley (2) - Aria still got involved in the playing portion too! Through this hidden pieces play activity Aria is learning to take control of her learning; she is showing authority and following directions. Miss Harley was very interested in counting the pieces into the egg tray and Miss Kova was keen on developing fine motor skills, as she opened each piece so carefully. A perfect activity for all the ages; such great parallel play happening here.
Have you done any hidden pieces play? Id love to hear about your version!
Check out the video here:


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